dee geays cordoba 2022 web thumb On 13 April 2022, an international meeting of DEE-GEAYS partners took place in Cordoba. 

Sevilla web thumb A project aimed at strengthening the capacity of vocational education and training (VET) organizations and improving their procedures to support hybrid and virtual mobility.

Antwerp web thumbOn November 8, 2021, the Danish Youth Team, CODEC, KERIC, Associazione InCo, Associazione InCo, Marketing Gate - Marking Port and Fundación Xul met in Antwerp.

lavicka si hlada kamosku upratovanie 1 thumbnail Thank you for your support, valuable tips, and comments from the questionnaire about the Bench is looking for a friend project.

priestor pred kericom vyzva 1As we announced in early November 2020, we plan to redesign the space in front of KERIC for a purpose and often a place.

thumbIn the following article you gonna learn more about what is happening in KERIC during the quarantine days.

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During the last couple of quarantine days, the Taskmaster arose. She saw that there is nothing really to do outside now, so she decided to challenge you in exchange of a gift if you are the best!


We started to cooperate with schools again !!!

thumbWe proudly share our volunteers voluntary cooperation outside of KERIC with sport clubs and other organisations.

unnamed As you might have known, everybody celebrates Christmas a different way. In order to show that all of the versions are equally beautiful we also organised this year our "International Christmas".