Since March 2009 we have started to co-operate with newly established Leisure Time Centre (LTC) in Klokočov. The main idea of this co-operation was to give a chance to children from Klokočov to co-operate on international level, help them in developing in foreign language communication skills and to get used to people from different countries that speak different languages. The first volunteer who worked in Klokočov was Romuald.

KERIC started to co-operate with Leisure Time Centre (LTC) Stará Bystrica in 2007.The co-operation was based on helping with some activity in LTC by volunteers from KERIC. The innovator in this co-operation was Sandra from Austria. She lived in Stará Bystrica three days a week and participated in activities in LTC, in primary schools in Stará Bystrica and Zborov. The next follower, although for a while, was Pierre from France.

On 8th February 2010, children from the Komenskeho elementary school club visited KERIC Underground to find out about different ways how to use old paper. Under the guidance of Vlada Cabanova and Melisa Marrero, they created notepads and recycled old paper into new, which will be used for further creative work in their after-school club.

The next group of children will come to KERIC for this workshop on 19. 2. 2010.

In cooperation with the Cultural House in Cadca, KERIC opened a course of Brasilian dances on 19th January 2010. For two months, the dance teachers - EVS volunteer Daniel Oliveira dos Santos and ex-volunteer from Brasil and 

International Christmas is a very special day when the KERIC volunteers make the people from Cadca really "feel" Christmas . During this day, they present the way how Christmas is celebrated in the home countries of our EVS volunteers and what it means to them personally. This year, it was organised on 18th December 2009 by Alice and Laura (France), Tanja (Austria), Hanna (Germany), Melisa (Uruguay), Daniel (Brazil) and Maie (Italy). Over 200 children and adults came to KERIC to experience this special Christmas atmosphere and really enjoyed it. You can see a short video of this day on this link 

KERIC hosted 10 youth workers from all over Slovakia during the period of 20 to 24 October 2009. They came here to learn about EVS, improve their English conversation and computer skills needed for hosting EVS volunteers in their organisations in the future. 

On 22 May 2009 KERIC launched a new activity whose aim was to provide space for entertainment in the main square and connect skilled and gifted young people from the local community with our volunteers and create a new interesting programme. The youth from Čadca was represented by two hip-hop groups Kindergang and Dance Factory, metal group The scar, a boys drum group, international music group The Gu-da (consisting of our volunteers Giuseppe, Daniel and boys from Čadca), etc. Guests were also Capoeira club from Žilina, ex-volunteers Lenka and Vladka, etc.  

A great thing about the event was the wide range of genres, styles, approaches and mixture of nationalities. The speakers also interviewed the volunteers currently hosted by KERIC or those who have been sent abroad.

This has been a completely new experience for the whole KERIC team. We hope to organise this event again next year - with new ideas and improvements. Looking forward to KERIC Activity 2010!  

We would like to invite you to a KERIC ACTIVITY  taking place in the square in front of the Cultural House on Friday 22nd May 2009. You can enjoy concerts  of young musician groups from Cadca, samba and capoeira performances, hip-hop dance, interviews with the international volunteers in KERIC, ex-volunteers who had been abroad, and a lot more...

Our volunteers Gerard, Rodolfo, Giovanna, Giuseppe, Ulli and Dario are inviting you all to a new regular activity - the Tuesday café. It is an open space for everybody to take part in (hopefully) interesting discussions and workshops. The topics planned for this month are Brasilian dances, Italian mafia, and Life of a foreigner in Slovakia. The Tuesday café will take place in the KERIC Underground club, at 6:30 pm - of course on Tuesdays :) Everybody is welcome. 

EuroAsian empowerment

We have decided to widen our cooperation among non-profit organisations in Europe (France, Italy, the Czech Republic and Slovakia) and in Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia) in the field of volunteering.