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language Every year we open year-round language courses for different age categories. For children ages 7-15  we have DANJ A-F children's English.

Each group of up to 10 children is led by two teachers, a volunteer from abroad, and a Slovak student with excellent English (higher groups are taught by two foreigners). This English aims for children to speak, complement school education so that they like English and know why they are learning it.

For the older students, we have adult English, which is taught by Ivka Hrušková and focused on conversing and continuously improving conversation and constant improvement of your English. They are conducted in such a way that it is not only educational but especially a pleasant meeting between teacher and "classmates".

Depending on the countries from which our volunteers come to us in a given year, we also open other courses. This year it's German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian. Our volunteers lead these courses and focus mainly on conversation and getting to know the volunteer's country.

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KERIC courses run once a week for 90 minutes. The price is 90€ for children's courses and other language courses and 190 € for adult English courses per year.

We strive to encourage families and individuals to learn foreign languages, so when you buy more than one course, you have a 10% discount.

We try to meet everyone's needs, when you can only come for a few months or need individual lessons, we will always find a solution.

In the summer we run intensive language courses, which is a one-week course 5 times for 120 minutes and costs 60. It is suitable for starting or revising the language.

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Timetable for the year 2021/2022



Intermediate ENG B1 15:15 S1


Pre-Intermediate ENG A2 17:00 S1



Elementary A1




Elementary ANJ A0 17:00 S1


German C 15:00 K2


German A

16:45 K2


Kids French A 15:00 K1 Loris


Kids ENG B1



Oľa, Paťa

Russian A

17:00 S1

Oľa, Diana

Italian A 18:00 K2



Kids ENG B2 15:00 S1

Francesca, Guga, Zuzka


17:00 S1 Malik, Guga, 1xmesačne Ivka
Kids ENG F2 15:00 K2

Laurene, Malik

Italian C 17:00 S2


Kids ENG D1 15:00 K1

Loris, Oľa

Russian C 17:00 K2


French A - adults 17:30 K1 Laurene


Kids ENG D2 15:00 S1

Laurene, Lavinia

Kids ENG F2 15:00 K2

Diana, Malik

   *S1 - Seminar 1   *K1 - Le Petit Café 1   *K2 - Le Petit Café 2   *S2 - Seminar 2    *volunteers info