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During the Erasmus+ supported project OUR WORLD, groups of young people from Kenya, Estonia, Nigeria and Slovakia implemented these "Small Big Changes" in their community as a result of an ongoing virtual exchange. 

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From the 15th until the 22nd of June, the annual Keric youth exchange, funded by Erasmus + and organized by volunteers from Keric  took place in Slovakia, in the cottage Ladonhora. It brought 35 participants from Latvia, Portugal, Italy and Slovakia in order to raise world and self awareness.

epassport cadca thumbMeeting took place in Čadca on March 21-22. 

our world logoThe project connects 4 partner NGOs from Kenya, Estonia, Nigeria and Slovakia working with young people aged 15 to 19 who will during 3 years organise 4 virtual exchanges and create 1 virtual escape room.

spolocna fotka celeho keric tímu 2023 lenka lenka ivka mirka elenka vlada simonIt is a blessed age for a civic association. This time is full of stories of people who have been associated with KERIC during these 20 years.

photo of a vegan pizzaEvery Wednesday, in KERIC, Language Café takes place. Psychology, philosophy, society topics… are discussed. One week ago, the question “as humans, do we have the right to kill animals ? ”, was settled. This question leaded to the topic about vegetarianism and veganism and what was it in contemporary societies.

Volunteering word shaped as a heart10 Reasons to become a volunteer. Becoming a volunteer could be the very first step of leaving your comfort zone. If you are a volunteer, it is most likely that you will be in a different environment than your usual one.


8 people sitting around the table looking at the presentation by dataprojector about the projectOn the first day, the meeting commented on the "eGuide for online pre-departure training", an output of the IO2 project.


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The last camp this year was dedicated to the youngest (ages 7-11).

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They survived. All 26 children survived. Wait, weren't there 27 of them? No they weren't. (: