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KERIC and volunteering are very closely interconnected. Since the beginning of our activities, we have been focusing mainly on international volunteering, which is gradually evolving, according to available projects that can support volunteering activities abroad.

It is a unique opportunity to experience a different culture, gain work experience from different areas, or be part of the local community. One learns a new language, makes new friends abroad and gets to know the country through the eyes of the locals.

European Solidarity Corps

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The European Solidarity Corps is a new European Union initiative that gives young people the opportunity to volunteer or work in their own country or abroad on projects that benefit communities and people across Europe.  

Projects are designed for young people 18 to 30 and there are no entry requirements, such as education or experience. The main goal of the projects is self-development during the project, gaining new experience, knowledge, relationships, or gaining independence.

Projects can be short-term from 2 weeks to 2 months and long-term 2 to 12 months.

search for ESC opportunities screenshot A young person can register on the ESC website 🔗 Search for your project in the database of current projects and apply for a project with the support of the sending organization. When accepted for a project, he is assisted with the preparation of the sending organization.

Upon arrival at the project, the volunteer has his mentor, learns the language of the host country with the support of the host organization, and assists the host organization with its activities.

During the project, the volunteer participates in 1 on-arrival and mid-term training at the invitation of the host national agency.

The project is financially supported by a grant from the European Union and covers travel, accommodation, catering, pocket money, language course, visa, and all costs associated with the implementation of the project.

Every young person can be a long-term ESC volunteer only once in a lifetime.

If a young person lacks opportunities and needs extra support to participate in a project, it is possible to ask for an assistant.

It's important that anyone who is interested and motivated can participate in the project.

Currently open projects of our partners

This table and most of the projects inside are in Slovak and are meant for the Slovak audience. Clicking on the links inside you will be transferred to the Slovak part of the web.

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Taliansko, Bolzano


Deadline: čo najskôr

Téma: Mládežnícka organizácia, práca s deťmi, propagovanie aktivít organizácie, pomoc vychovávateľom v rezidenčných zariadeniach

Viac info u nás na webe.

Taliansko, Altamura - Auxilium


Deadline: čo najskôr

Téma: Práca s ľudmi s postihnutím v rehabilitačnom centre Auxilium

Viac info u nás na webe.

Švajčiarsko, Fribourg - francúzky hovoriaca časť


Deadline: 30. novembra

Téma: Pomoc pri interkultúrnych workshopoch pre deti a dospelých, organizácia medzikultúrnych podujatí pre dospelých: večery literatúry, konferencie a výstavy...

Viac info u nás na webe.

Švajčiarsko, Bern - nemecky hovoriaca časť


Deadline: 30. novembra

Téma: Podpora organizácie Blindspot - Začlenenie a rozmanitosť, organizovanie kultúrnych podujatí, inkluzívnych projektov, práca v komunitnej reštarácii...

Viac info u nás na webe.

Švajčiarsko, La Chaux de Fonds - francúzky hovoriaca časť


Deadline: 30. novembra

Téma: Švajčiarska nadácia pre umenie a sociálny rozvoj otvára dve pozície v Circuse Ton sur Ton, dobrovoľník bude asitovať na rôznych cirkusových kurzoch, pomáhať pri podujatiach...

Viac info u nás na webe.

Švajčiarsko, Allschwil - nemecky hovoriaca časť


Deadline: 30. novembra

Téma: Práca s deťmi či organizovanie hier a remeselných popoludní v organizácii KiM - Kinder im Mittelpunkt

Viac info u nás na webe.

Švajčiarsko, Feldbach - nemecky hovoriaca časť


Deadline: 30. novembra

Téma: Práca na farme, pomoc pri kultúrnych podujatiach, vonkajšia údržba komplexu...

Viac info u nás na webe.

Belgicko, Eupen - nemecky hovoriaca komunita - Červemý kríž


Deadline: 30. decembra

Téma: Prijímanie a integrácia utečencov a migrantov

Viac info u nás na webe.

Keňa, Nairobi - ICYE Kenya


Deadline: čo najskôr

Téma: Práca s komunitami a utečencami žijúcimi medzi nimi.

Viac info u nás na webe.

Rakúsko, Rum - Soziales Kompetenzzentrum


Deadline: 1. decembra 2021

Téma: Práca so staršími ľuďmi

Infopack so všetkým o projekte nájdete spolu s ostatnými rakúskymi projektami na stránke koordinátora projektu InfoEck.

Rakúsko, Innsbruck - Die Bäckerei Kulturbackstube


Deadline: 1. decembra 2021

Téma: Umenie a kultúra, Kreativita, Manažment kultúry, Médiá

Infopack so všetkým o projekte nájdete spolu s ostatnými rakúskymi projektami na stránke koordinátora projektu InfoEck.



Deadline: 1. decembra 2021

Téma: Pedagogika, práca s deťmi od 6 do 9 rokov, od 9 do 12 rokov alebo od 12 do 15 rokov na základe skúseností

Infopack so všetkým o projekte nájdete spolu s ostatnými rakúskymi projektami na stránke koordinátora projektu InfoEck.

Rakúsko, Arche Tirol, St. Jodok


Deadline: 1. decembra 2021

Téma: Ľudia s viacnásobným postihnutím, komunitný život, medzináboženský dialóg

Infopack so všetkým o projekte nájdete spolu s ostatnými rakúskymi projektami na stránke koordinátora projektu InfoEck.

Španielsko, Burgos - Amycos


Deadline: 12. decembra 2021

Téma: Udržateľnosť a solidarita

Všetko o projekte nájdete na našej stránke.

Francúzko, Rouillon


Deadline: čo najskôr

Téma: Udržateľnosť, vyslanec ekologického životného štýlu, ktorý môže vzdelávať deti, mládež a dospelých o životnom prostredí a environmentálnych aktivitách.

Všetko o projekte nájdete v infopacku.

*Dátum je vo formáte ROK/MESIAC/DEŇ.
*Tabuľka sa dá zoradiť podľa krajiny, začiatku alebo dĺžky projektu.
*Kliknutím na ponuku sa zobrazí viac info


V PRÍPADE ZÁUJMU ČI AKÉKOĽVEK OTÁZKY PÍŠTE NA This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Examples of previoius volunteering

Talks, presentations, and articles from our previous volunteers can be found:

    on our Youtube in the plalist Be a Volunteer,

    on our Faceboooku in the series World with Volunteers, and

    on our website in the Blog section / About volunteering 

ESC project in a land of "fire and ice" or "Viking sagas"?(Blogpost from volunteering in Iceland) 

blog marianka thumbnailWhen I received an offer from KERIC to write about my ESC experience in Iceland, I was excited. After turning on the computer, I realized it was talking for hours and hours and I don't even know where to start. Maybe that's how it all started.



Burgos Solidaria 2018 - Simon's volunteering project in Spain 

blog simon thumbnailA lot of people ask me what I did during my volunteering in Spain, so I'll tell you a bit of this story today.



Volunteering in Costarica 

ICYE - International Cultural Youth Exchange

ICYE logo

A voluntary program that is not dependent on European Union financial support. The costs associated with participation in the project are paid by the participant.

The ICYE network of organizations was established after World War II between Germany and the United States to prevent further conflicts. The philosophy of the network of organizations was solidarity and international cooperation. The strategy of the network is to have one ICYE organization in each country, which coordinates host projects throughout the country.

The project has a strong educational dimension, which is ensured by a series of trainings (pre-departure, on-arrival, mid-term, final, after), connection with the local community (host family, mentor, local host organizations), social dimension - most projects are in the field of social work, education, and ecology.

More information on possible projects and countries can be found at https://www.icye.org/


EU Aid Volunteers

euaid logo long

This European Union program ran from 2014 to 2020 and the last calls for participation in these projects are open until 2022.

These are humanitarian projects in countries outside the European Union.

They are designed for people with professional experience in the field. The goal is to develop the host community.

Participants can participate from 2 months to 2 years.

They can participate in this type of project repeatedly.

It is possible to apply from any country in the EU.

A change is now being prepared and in the period 2021 - 2027 this type of project will be implemented under ESC HumanAid. Participants will have an age limit of 18 to 35 years. Details are not yet available, but we expect to learn these details during the spring months of 2021.

Volunteers are reimbursed for accommodation, travel expenses, insurance, continuing education, and development, they receive a monthly allowance, resettlement allowance and are assisted with return expenses.


erasmusplus logo all en 300dpi

The Erasmus + 2021 - 2027 program is still in the process of being created. So far, we have managed to find out that it will focus on supporting smaller organizations to work systematically, long-term, locally, and that they will provide space for the planned development of youth work in the regions. This will be carried out through the form of certification. The organization will develop a project explaining its vision for the activity in the coming years, and after approval, will apply for funding for this activity and will report on the achievement of the intended goals. The process should lead to a lower administrative burden for organizations.

During this period, great emphasis will be placed on supporting projects in the field of sports.

The new program also reflects on the pandemic situation and emphasis is put on the inclusion of virtual activities.

We will closely monitor the creation of the new program and as soon as we obtain more up-to-date information, we will publish it here

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