Local volunteering

International Volunteer Mentor  

It can be anyone who wants to improve communication skills in a foreign language, likes to help, likes to meet new people and wants to be a part of it our international community .

You'll learn how to be a good mentor during preparatory meetings.   It should be like this friend in the country . When he goes outside, he calls a volunteer with him from time to time. He will show him the city, the surroundings, take him on a trip. He will advise and help when needed.

It's great to be a mentor, you learn a lot about habits and the country of the volunteer, but in particular will form an incredibly strong friendship that lasts.


Host Family

KERIC, as one of the few organizations, provides volunteers to volunteer service and the host family. It's very simple, the first moments for a volunteer are not with us with the people of KERIC, but with the host family. She waits for him at the station and accommodates him at home for a week. She should accept it as her own and show him how Slovaks live. You don't even have to know English too well. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone translator and dad has a translator for you, a younger member of the family.

It is a unique opportunity to meet people from other countries, talk in a foreign language and, last but not least, get to know the Slovak of foreigners .

If you are interested, write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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We started hosting in 2011, since then we have welcomed 8 volunteers from different parts of the world. Every new meeting was a challenge for us. Improving in English, but meeting new people and their culture was initially our main reason. Later, when our daughter started traveling around the world and lived in various host families, we were glad that we could also provide volunteers in Slovakia with a sense of background and lend a helping hand when they need it. Many people go on holiday and get to know the beauties of the countries, but the opportunity to get to know the real life of the country is only possible if we get involved in the normal running of the family and get to know it from within. Every year we meet other volunteers and beautiful friendships form between us. We are in contact with many, even though they leave Slovakia and we always like to remember our moments together. Thanks to Keric for friends around the world. Simona Melicherová

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It's hard to comment on mentoring after this year, but if I should sum it up in a few sentences, mentoring in Kerica is, "Exploring the world without traveling. Learning without school. Information without censorship. Family without the same DNA." Because, many times surprisingly, one learns something about real life abroad and travel documents are too short for that. It is a matter of gaining insight, because due to the influence of our surroundings we are often inoculated with delusions about foreigners. And when we really get to know them, we find that despite having other customs, habits, traditions, or culture, they are the same as us - people with emotions, dreams and desires. Tereza Kubašková


KERIC strives to work with local organizations, especially through our international volunteers. We are currently working with the following organizations:


An organization that organizes leisure activities for children and young people with mental and physical disabilities. The activity consists of regular ring activities every Tuesday, occasional visits to cultural institutions in the region, trips and a regular weekly camp. Volunteers at KERIC regularly help them in this activity.

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Diocesan Charity, Dom Charity sv. Gianny

charita This organization provides housing for homeless women and overnight accommodation for homeless men, it also provides hot food for the homeless, hygienic security, collects clothes, leisure activities and also supports people in crisis situations. Our volunteers mostly help with leisure activities, serving food and sorting clothes.

Dom seniorov PARK

dom seniorov park 002 It is an institution that provides accommodation, care and leisure activities for seniors. As a rule, one volunteer helps here in the year, who comes here regularly and collaborates mainly on leisure activities - various workshops, cooking, dance group. We also regularly participate in a singing competition organized by homes for the elderly for our clients and we try to acquaint them with the culture of the countries of our volunteers. In the past, we had similar cooperation with the homes of seniors in Žarec and Horelice.

Sports clubs in Čadca

We have regular cooperation with the athletics club, where our volunteers help lead the training. In the past, we also had cooperation with a chess club, football club, volleyball club and Žabka.

workshop o inkluzii 2020 Always we welcome help during our local projects, whether it is cleaning around the river Kysuce, help at workshops , help during summer camps , or attending our events

Want to help us with some activity? Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.