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Volunteering word shaped as a heart10 Reasons to become a volunteer. Becoming a volunteer could be the very first step of leaving your comfort zone. If you are a volunteer, it is most likely that you will be in a different environment than your usual one.



A lot of people ask me what I did during my volunteering in Spain, so I'll tell you a bit of this story today.

Dobrovoľníci 20212022 Year after year came together and where one project ends😭, the other begins🥳.

blind-stack-em👏The next pre-departure volunteer training is successfully behind us. We sent four young people to the projects of European Solidarity and Erasmus+.

blog marianka thumbnail When I received an offer from KERIC to write about my ESC experience in Iceland, I was excited. After I realized it was talking for hours and hours and I didn't even know where to start. Maybe the team started it.

mirka foto webThis is how the project at Vaivaru Pamatskola Primary School in Latvia may look like.

dobrobrovolnictvo v indiiIn this article you can find blog post with pictures and video presentation of the project.

interview nicolo-converted-page-001 3 Why Slovakia? What interested you in this country?

Honestly, I sent my first two applications to Greece and Portugal (I didn't mind the idea of being surrounded by the sea). I didn't get answers from these countries, so I decided to try in Slovakia.

AlzbetaCover Well, I don't know how, but I've already swung into the other half of my EVS. This is evidenced by the fact that I was at Mid-Term training a week ago.

It was an exhausting 3 days full of talking, complaining, getting to know each other... I have to say that I enjoyed it and I found that even though my project is not all pink, there are also worse projects, but mainly that EVS is about me and it's up to me how I make it.

zuzana01It is hard to believe that already four months have passed since the beginning of my EVS in Lancaster. Since I first came to Lancaster and Morecame College in the north of England, a lot has happened. Countless experiences have been added to me, I have met many inspiring people, seen many interesting places and gained many valuable experiences.