About us

KERIC is a non-profit non-governmental organization working mainly with children and youth aged 4-30 as well as adults. We offer a wide range of activities with an extra added international dimension which develops the personality of children and youth and differs based on the needs of participants. Our mission is to connect our region Kysuce with Europe and the whole world.

KERIC was founded in February 2003. Our main activities are conversational language courses, computer courses, international youth exchanges, summer and winter camps, seminars and trainings for youth workers from all over the world, creative workshops in the KERIC Underground club or at local school, sending and hosting volunteers to and from Europe and Latin America.

Sending young people abroad

KERIC sends young people abroad within the project European Voluntary Service and Leonardo. The length of such a stay is between 2 weeks and 12 months. The venue ranges from all European countries to Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Each of these projects can happen only thanks to the support of the European Union funding. Every youngster, interested to cooperate with KERIC in such a project, must first take part in an information meeting, where we can personally get to know each other as well as share information about project opportunities. Such meetings happen once a month and their dates are always made clear on our website /on the right-hand side/. There is no special preparation needed before attending such a meeting, it is important just to come and be willing to cooperate.

The cooperation with schools in Čadca

KERIC has long-term cooperation with elementary as well as secondary schools in our region. There are several levels of this cooperation. Its base is regular cooperation, which means that one of our volunteers comes to the school once or twice a week. He/she motivates and acts as a support for the teacher, especially in foreign language lessons.

The aim of this cooperation is that the children regularly meet foreigners so that it becomes a natural part of their life. Step by step, we want them not to see it as something unusual to speak a foreign language or see people that are somehow different from them. The next level of cooperation is extra activities organized by KERIC at the schools. One of these activities is EUROWEEK - a brand new event starting only this April. During this time, all our volunteers come to the school and present their countries, speak to the children, make them realize our stereotypes, which are deep within us. Another special event activity that we organize is international Christmas in KERICu, workshops for the 9th-grade-students of elementary schools, creative workshops, and school clubs, etc.

Youth exchanges

Twice or three times a year, we send groups of young people aged 15 to 26 abroad on a youth exchange. The aim of this exchange is a meeting of young people from different countries, spending some time together (between 6 to 14 days), cooperating together and communicating with each other in a foreign language. Thus, in a non-formal way, these young people gain new experience, skills, knowledge, and contacts.

Language courses

KERIC has a long history of foreign language education. We regularly organize language courses for people of different ages. The little ones - kids aged 5 to 7 can attend English lessons DANJ. A bit older children - aged 7 to 15- attend regular English for children. Each group of approximately 10 children is led by two lecturers - a Slovak youngster with excellent English and a foreign lecturer from abroad. The aim of these English lessons is for children to speak, to supplement school education, to love English, and to know why they are learning it.

For the elderly, we have adult English, which is mostly taught by Ivka Hrušková. They are focused on conversation and continuous improvement of English. They are conducted in such a way that it is not only educational but especially pleasant to learn and "classmates".

From other languages, we open German, French, Spanish, Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese every year. These courses are led by our volunteers and are also mainly focused on conversation and getting to know the country of the volunteer.

Courses at KERIC run once a week for 90 minutes, adult English courses for 120 minutes. The price is 70 € for children's courses and courses in other languages ​​and 170 € for adult English courses per year.

We try to support families, so there is a 10% discount on more than one course per family at KERIC.

We try to meet everyone's needs, so if you can only come for a few months or need individual lessons, we will always find a solution.

In the summer we organize intensive language courses, which is a one-week course 5 times for 120 minutes and costs 30 €. It is suitable for starting or repeating a language.