New youth exchanges in Italy and Latvia are planned for the coming spring in KERIC! The topic of both exchanges is photography. The first exchanges will take place in Altamura, Italy from 25th April to 4th May 2009 and the second from 19th to 28th June 2009 in Latvia. The participants of each exchange will be 4 young people aged 16 to 19. If you wish to take part in one of the exchanges, come to the first preparatory meeting taking place on 18th February at 3 pm in KERIC Undeground

In June 2009 the fourth part of an international youth exchange S-LAROPA is taking place! The exchange started in Slovakia in 2005 and it brought together young people from France, Peru, Chile, Brasil, Portugal and Slovakia.


Shortly before the summer vacation, KERIC was alive with English. 12 youth workers from Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia came here for 7 days to study English, practice computers and youth work as part of an international training under the Youth in Action Programme.

On Thursday, 13th October our new 2012 generation of volunteers had their first Day D in Rázusova School. "What is Day D?", you might be wondering.

schoolKeric an eye opener in Kysuce Region: Cooperation with schools by volunteer from Kenya

andersen-nightFriday night, 13th of April 2012, was very special. Children spent whole night with Slovak and also foreign volunteers in KERIC. The topic of this Andersen´s night was - "The ghosts from the beyond". Children made their masks, drew bogeymen and other fabulous creatures on windows.

The Kenyan-Italian night took place on the 16th of February 2012 at Gymnazium J.M. Hurbana. It was organized by two volunteers from Keric- Volker and Serena. The main objective of this event was share different cultures across the globe i.e. Kenyan and Italian with the students. The students were involved in word hunt activity and presentations about Kenyan and Italian culture. This was one of the most exciting evenings in the school….we welcome for intercultural learning activities from KERIC!!

We celebrated The International Christmas for 8th time in Čadca. All visitors learnt more about Christmas in Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Macedonia and Brazil. Room „multi-kulti“ was a new approach to intercultural learning that provided an opportunity for visitors to learn new cultures.

Latvia is really an unknown country for Slovak people. We got know more on 7th of April during The Latvian evening prepared by Signe.

The day of St. Patrick is on 17th of March. Hence Lucille chose this day to presentate the Great Britain. Everybody was welcomed in something green.

Lucille was talking about stereotyps known about the English people.