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It is official! On 22.06.2018 we celebrated our 15th birthday in Čadca. Activities, pinata, workshops, various competitions were not missing and of course we also danced. We want to thank everyone who in any way helped with preparations but also the ones who help us regularly. Together we create one big Keric family.

19961551 10159087011210512 2842930689186576890 nBe ready for the survival camp. In the program : building shelters in the forest, learn how to make knots, make a campfire and a lot of activities !

20155608 10159112878075512 7883816695522710090 nIn the horse-riding camp children learnt how to ride but also how to take care of horses.

20945655 467917566916001 2116980520 oThis week was the rafting camp on Dunajec between Poland and Slovakia.

secret islandThe mysterious island is already a traditional activity for third-class students from the Komenského elementary school in Čadca. This year the children discovered the island along with volunteers from Thailand, Honduras, Italy and England.

language cafeYou have nothing to do ? Are you bored ? Do you want to talk in English and meet new people ?

Our language cafe is made for you !

Every Thursday between 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm you can come play games with our volunteers or just discuss with them. 

We are looking forward to you !! :)


euroweek 2017This week in Kysuce we have launched the action named Euroweek which ironically will last the whole month. Our volunteers will attend all elementary schools in Kysuce and present their countries and cultures. We hope that students will enjoy time with volunteers from Thailand, Italy, Great Britain, Honduras and France.


vianoceThis year held the traditionnal KERIC International Christmas.

Both children and adults could learn through Christmas traditions and customs from Italy, Honduras, Great Britain, France and Russia.


keric 14This February we have celebrated to our dear KERIC the slowly advanced age of 14 years old. It was sure that it could have not be celebrate without a proper celebration and a even more gorgeous cake.

Thank you very much to all and we are looking forward to many other celebrations.

IMG 5888 - copieThe 27th of april, KERIC made a big transformation to became the famous  school of Witchcraft and Wizardry : Hogwarts. Dumbledore, McGonagall, Filztwik, Snap, Trelawney, Lovegood, Malefoy, Diggory, Longbottom and a lot of mysterious other wizzard were ready to open the door of the school to the new students.