10857393 10154978168210512 7704932483829784472 oThe 18th december 2014, was time for the international christmas of KERIC. From 8 am to the middle of the afternoon, all the rooms were full of children and teenagers, ready to discover a lot of new christmas's traditions. 

10448523 10154897749050512 2609439842927562587 oOn Friday 21 November, « Jump into the world » - a festival created by our new team of volunteers took place. Different activities were proposed during this day. The first and biggest one was a game, Conquest of the world, with the collaboration of two schools Komenskeho and Cierne.

deviataci turzovka1The 9th-grade pupils have taken the monitor exams, secondary school students have "left" the school building for the final year students to take their school-leaving exams...

econnection2In April and May, more workshops under the Cross-border cooperation project - ECOnnection - took place.

euroweek razEUROWEEK is a new type of activity that has been going on since the middle of April at elementary and secondary schools in our region.

andersenova nocOn 28th March 2014, 42 children, 4 foreign volunteers and 7 KERIC staff spent a night in KERIC. During this night, the children tried to help the mystical heroine from a Costa Rican legend - Llaroina, who keeps crying and cannot find her inner peace. With the help of the children, she stopped crying and started to feel happy again.

medzinarodne vianoce

This was the 10th time that one of our oldest activities took place. Despite the fact that there had been no advertisements announcing the event, on 19th December 2013, KERIC was full of children coming from local schools.

econnection prezentaciaAlmost 40 children attending the Komenského and Rázusova elementary schools in Čadca and their peers from elementary schools in Třinec and Jablunkov took part in integration games in SUDOPARK, Klokočov from 23rd to 25th January 2014.

Samostatné webstránky z niektorých našich akcií

The eight volunteers working in KERIC this year- Tanja, Romuald, Maie, Alice, Melisa, Laura, Daniel and Hanna - were interviewed by ARTE TV on 21 and 22 September 2009 and the video about their life and work in Čadca was shown on French TV on 14 October 2009.

FRENCH TV ARTE - 14 October 2009