On November 18th (2019), January 20th (2020) and March 2nd (2020) "Europe And Me" took place in KERIC.

znacka kvalityWhat does it mean if an organization receives a quality label?

europa a myWe invite everyone for a discussion which will take place at Le Petit Cafe on 18th November 2019 at 19:00 hod.

66605017 10162127513410512 7782599814025314304 nAn international team of camp leaders was preparing very hard for the upcoming summer camps.

IMG-20190619-WA0004Students from Základná škola J. A. Komenského v Čadci spent nice morning together with volunteers and freed the Animal Island.

IMG-20190528-WA0010This year our volunteers visited schools in Turzovka, Čadca, Milošová, Čierny, Svrčinovec, Klokočov, Rudina, Oščadnica, Stašek, Korni and Podvysockey.

IMG-20190513-WA0000On 20th and 21st of May, we celebrated the International day for cultural diversity in Keric!

59423210 10161847583930512 6133688480984727552 nParticipants of the Steps towards change project decided that environment and climate change is an active part of their lives and they want to participate in changing it. So, one afternoon they took cleaning tools and cleaned part of the forest in Čadca.

58659961 10161841274575512 7302494380969951232 nKathi and Sara prepared for children from school club of J. A. Komenský in Čadca workshop about how to use recycled materials for their games and activities.

IMG-20190509-WA0002Euroweek continued in primary school J. A. Komenský in Čadca. Students could get to know countries like Spain, Finland, Turkey and Austria.