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After two and a half years, we again hosted an international meeting. On April 30 2022 KERIC was hosting 6 representatives of Globers project partner organizations for 5 days to put together Globers handbook for preparing the global citizens. 

The project about Social Emotional Learning and Global Citizenship coordinated by Associazione InCo was supported by the Erasmus Plus program.

Partners that were represented in Slovakia are: Geoclub - Juvenile Association, VHS Bhaktapur, ICYE Brazil, ICYE Colombia, CSDS VN, Croix-Rouge de Belgique, Associazione InCo, Associazione - Verein, La Strada, Infotreff Eupen, and KERIC.

You can download the Globers handbook full of activities about Global Citizenship Education from our 👉 Google Drive. 👈

All the information about the project you can find on our website: GLOBERS Project

Thank you all for coming. 

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