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GLOBERS project coordinated by our partner Association InCo is operational from the first months of 2020.

"GLOBERS: Global Learning to Overcome Barriers Encouraging Respect and Solidarity" aims to involve young people in international volunteering experiences to educate them to global citizenship and to raise awareness of European values ​​in general.

The specific objectives of GLOBERS are:

  • promote partnership in the field of European Solidarity Corps (ESC), international volunteering, and non-formal learning;
  • support youth organizations in recreating “ Global citizenship education ” (GCE) activities for their target groups;
  • strengthen the skills of youth workers in the field of European project management, global citizenship education, and youth participation, with particular regard to human and migrant rights and sustainable development, through the exchange of best practices and the creation of 'a workshop agenda;
  • offer new international volunteering activities to young people who have fewer opportunities, in order to support them and help them strengthen their transversal skills, their personal and social skills, their employability potential;
  • raise awareness of global citizenship in participating communities, foster a better understanding of migration as a natural process in the global community, and promote empathy and solidarity;
  • promoting global citizenship, active citizenship, European values, the spirit of volunteering, and non-formal learning in partner communities.

Partner associations:

GLOBERS involves 10 organizations from 8 countries and 3 continents:

  • INCO, Italy;
  • GEOCLUBE, Portugal;
  • INFOTREFF, Belgium;
  • RED CROSS, Belgium;
  • LA STRADA, Italy;
  • KERIC, Slovakia;
  • VHS Bhaktapur, Nepal;
  • CSDS, Vietnam;
  • ICYE COLOMBIA, Colombia;
  • ICYE BRAZIL, Brazil.

In order to achieve its objectives, through GLOBERS project each partner sends to another partner a volunteer who will serve in the host organization for a period of 12 months. These young people will be particularly involved in organizing workshops for young people in the host community focusing on the theme of “Global citizenship education” (GCE) and on voluntary mobility.

KERIC hosted Camila Manique Ferreira from Brazil, sent Šimon Dlhopolček to Brazil, and Lila Uhrinová to Belgium. 

To learn about workshops that took place in Slovakia, as in every country, you can read the article on our website: Globers: Global Citizenship, in practice, what is it?

You can also follow the project on Instagram: @globersproject, Facebook: @globersproject, and visit the official website

On April 30 2022 KERIC hosted the Transnational Meeting, where we put together Globers handbook on preparing the world citizens.

More about the meeting at our site: Transnational meeting of Globers partners in Slovakia - Globers handbook

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