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The project connects 4 partner NGOs from Kenya, Estonia, Nigeria and Slovakia working with young people aged 15 to 19 who will during 3 years organise 4 virtual exchanges and create 1 virtual escape room. Each virtual exchange will last for 6 months. Their topics – Family, Housing, Food, Leisure time, My country – try to connect the young people through their everyday reality, but at the same time go deeper under the “surface” of the topic and have a closer look at their stereotypes and prejudice. While working on the presentations on the topics and in the guided discussions with peers from other countries, the young people will learn how to use various digital tools, develop their soft skills and become more interculturally sensitive. During each virtual exchange, the young people will realise a “small big change”, which is a simple action done to make a (small big) change in their life, life of another person or even in the life of their community. To be able to realise these “small big changes” the young people will form pairs/groups of SMART Buddies to support each other. This way, we will stimulate active participation of the young people and enable them to have an intercultural and international experience without physical mobility. 

The project also aims at the empowerment of the young people participating in the project, capacity building of the staff of the youth and education organisations and at the same time, empowerment of their local communities through education, promoting global cooperation, active citizenship and the common values of freedom, tolerance and non-discrimination.  The overall objective of the whole project is inclusive and accessible digital education for young people across the whole world. 

The name of the project shows how My world and Your world are interconnected, creating OUR WORLD. 


9. februára 2023: Prvé online stretnutie mladých ľudí z Nigérie, Estónska, Kene a Slovenska 

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