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(Transnational meeting in Trento-Italy, September 14)

Project Reference: 2020-2-IT03-KA205-019506

Start: 01-10-2020 - End: 30-11-2022

Digital Education Era - Global Citizenship Education for Activating Youth Online Space (DEE-GEAYS) funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and Agenzia Nazionale Giovani - ANG aims to have the best of Non-formal Education to be attainable to the whole-world digitally.

DEE-GEAYS idea is capitalized on the analysis of the youth work sector needs to provide timely and innovative response towards alarming environmental challenges along with the rapid and irreversible social challenges caused by the current context of Covid-19 pandemic. Recent “hot-button” switch, imposed by the pandemic, required an immediate and creative solution for optimization of both formal and non formal education: while the formal education sector managed to adapt rather quickly, the youth work is still in need to understand how to continue reaching its mission and keep bonded connection to our target groups in the context of limited interpersonal connections.

Reaching young people through group learning mobilities will not be latterly possible and neither sustainable in terms of environment, we believe the sector has to reinforce the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange initiative and invest into finding innovative solutions for non-formal e-learning. Thus the DEE-GEAYS main objective is to capitalize existing knowledge, experience and creativity potential of the youth work sector for creating an innovative digital tool that will allow exploiting ICT for providing quality learning activities online.

The Objectives of the project and associated activities:

The project’s main objective is to capitalize existing knowledge, experience and creativity potential of the youth work sector for creating an innovative digital tool that will allow exploiting ICT for providing quality learning activities online. We propose to develop an innovative digital tool that will offer virtual learning rooms for NFE activities with a pool of dynamic audio-visual materials (video tutorials, recordings, podcasts) that can be used by both the youth workers and by individual learners.

Below are the specific objectives along with the Intellectual Outputs (IO) as deliverables.

Objective 1 – to build capacity of the consortium and reinforce cross-sectorial networking in order to facilitate knowledge exchange and maximize cooperation for creating quality project deliverables.

Activities foreseen:

- transnational meetings (including kick-off meeting, mid-term evaluation and final evaluation meeting) and virtual cooperation meetings;

- community meetings with associated partnership


Objective 2 – to capitalize critical mass of materials for building up quality theoretical base for implementation of local activities and development of the intellectual outputs (IO – activities titled to the development of intellectual outputs onwards marked as IO-number):

Activities foreseen to reach this objective:

> IO-1: joint desk research on GCE-SEL methodology;

> IO-2: joint desk research on digitalization of non-formal learning methods.

- Two Joint-Desk Research were completed. You can find them on official website of the project or you can just click on them.


Objective 3 – to provide youth work sector with a renewed comprehensive methodological framework on GCE-SEL education that would allow youths learners to reinforce personal emotional well-being through fostered SEL level and understanding of global solidarity

Activities foreseen to reach this objective:

> IO-3: development of the methodology for labs on GCE-SEL with focus on potential digitalization of this methodology; 

- Each partner organizes 5 local labs on GCE-SEL for 15 young people and collects constructive feedback (questionnaires to be developed as part of IO3) in order to design methodology adapted to virtual learning. Labs to be recorded (audio/visual recording) as good practices for the virtual library.

The main result of this project workstream is to provide in total 105 young people from 6 partner countries with tools to enhance personal understanding of GCE and personal SEL levels and set up a base for the virtual library on the topic, to be placed on digital tools.


Objective 4 – to create virtual library on GCE-SEL methods targeted to both learning providers (youth workers) and individual learners (young people) and digitalize outputs of the local labs.

Activities foreseen in order to reach this objective:

- Joint creation of series of educational podcasts from 5 episodes on GCE-SEL basing on labs results collected from all 6 partner countries;

- Adaptation of lab recordings for the virtual library to be placed on the digital tool.


Objective 5 – to develop, create and test an innovative digital tool – online platform for non-formal e-learning;

> IO-5: digital tool development (building up content, narrative, structure and concept of virtual rooms)

>IO-5.1: digital tool technical development (subcontracting an IT company);

- Joint development of the video tutorials for the youth workers on how to independently create the virtual library on other thematics (following the structure of the v.l. on GCE-SEL created by the partnership);

- Testing the tool, constructive feedback from users and stakeholders;

- Multiplying events to promote non-formal e-learning and the digital tool itself.


The project foresees joint development of 4 Intellectual Outputs in order to reach its aim and objective. Each IO has a leading partner and contributing partners.

Partnership Team: 

  1. Associazione Inco- Molfetta (Italy) 
  2. Danish Youth Team (Denmark)
  3. Association for European Cooperation Development and Communication (Belgium)
  4. Association for Research Education and Development Marketing Gate Skopje (The Republic of North Macedonia)
  5. KERIC, občianske združenie (Slovakia)
  6. Fundacion Xul Para La Comunaicationsocial Y El Desarrollo (Spain)

KERIC's responsible for creating IO-1 and IO-3.

Join us on our Facebook, Instagram, or on the project's website.

You can read about the second transnational meeting of partners in Antwerp, Belgium on our website.

2 DEE-GEAYS weekends took place on 11-13 March, and 18-20 March 2022 in the Gajus Pension. More on our website.

On 13 April 2022, an international meeting of DEE-GEAYS partners took place in Cordoba. More on our website

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