Socio-emotional values, attitudes, and social skills enable effective psychosocial and physical development and allow us to live with others in respect and peace. - that is the definition. In practice, this means learning techniques and skills on how to be satisfied and happy in a group of people.

On our first weekend, a group of 9 young people learned through non-formal activities to apply knowledge, skills, and attitudes to develop a healthy identity, manage emotions and achieve personal and collective goals, to feel and show empathy for others, to connect. and maintain supportive relationships and make responsible and careful decisions.

It took place 11.-13.3 2022 in Pension GAJUS, Oščadnica.

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At Weekend #2, 13 young people created, discussed, and actively participated in global citizenship education. The youth had the opportunity to work together and develop their views and ideas on gender equality, racism and LGBTI +. 

It happened 18.-20.3 2022 at Pension GAJUS, Oščadnica.

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You can find all about the project with us at:   DEE-GEAYS project

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