Články o dobrovoľníctve

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"Volam sa Andres!! :D

Im from Costa Rica and Im very anxious to know all the Slovakia culture, and in the same time I teach you about my culture (music, food, traditional nature, traditional dress, etc etc). I brought all my positive energy with me to do the best work that we can to share. This will be for one year so I hope to enjoy everything, learn slovak language and that you enjoy me too to try will be better!!

Note: if you have a plan for me, tell me, I want to know you! :D"

That is everything, if you need something more, tell me! :D

Dalibor Špilák cestoval 5 týždňov po Mongolsku. Čo videl a zažil nám porozprával 20. apríla v čajovni.


V rámci cestovateľského týždňa sme si pokecali o Uruguaji s Domonikom Špilákom, ktorý tam bol 8 mesiacov ako dobrovoľník

KERIC TV o Uruguaji  

V čajovni sa rozprávalo ústami Belgičana Christiana Woutters anglicky s francúzskym prízvukom o Kube.

KERIC TV ďalšia správa  

Rozhovor s dobrovoľníkmi z KERICu
Pozrite si rozhovor z Vaša TV o tom,  ako sa v Čadci žije Daliborovi z Macedónska a Volkrovi z Kene, súčasným dobrovoľníkom z KERICu. 

Ahoj! Volam sa Volker… ja som z kene.

It’s interesting and lovely to be in Cadca, especially the sight of the snow that swept me out of my feet. I will be here in Keric- Cadca, Slovakia for 12 months teaching English and other activities organized by Keric.

Ahoj!!  Volám sa Valerio, mám 24 rokov. Ja som z Talianska. Ja som dobrovoľnik v Kericu. I arrived in Cadca on January, the 10th and i'm here to share happy and nice moments of life, doing several and interesting things like teaching italian and english to children and people until 30 years old!

Ako videl a zažil Južnú Ameriku Dominik Špilák, ktorý bol v Uruguaji 8 mesiacov dobrovoľník

Južná Amerika 

Ahoj!! J Volám sa Dalibor, mám 19 rokov. Ja som z Macedónska. Ja som dobrovoľnik v Kericu. I will be here in Keric - Čadca, Slovakia for 12 months teaching English for children and teenagers and i will try to help in Keric with everything that i can. Usually i want to spend my spare time with my closest friends and family no matter how we‘ll spent it.


My name is Valentina. I`m from Italy. I`m a university student, I graduated in March with a degree in Psychology and I intend to continue my studies in September.
I decided to work as an EVS volunteer because I was searching for an experience that could give me something more than the books and could be useful for my personal development.
I wished to get to know another culture and another way of life, to learn new things and I wanted to give my energy and my capacities at the same time.
I can tell you that this experience has exceeded my expectations….
I`m really happy to be here!!