Every year, KERIC organizes a number of international events, discussions, workshops and much more. From September, after the arrival of this year's European service volunteers, you can follow our Facebook and Instagram, where we will inform about upcoming events.

After the arrival of our new settlers, we organize international dinners, where you have the opportunity to get to know them and their countries. Many times, the volunteers bring us a few of their traditional delicacies, which we like to taste. We try out their habits with them, we dance, we discuss their culture and, most importantly, we learn a lot of piccolos from around the world that we would otherwise have no choice but to learn about.


Last year you had the opportunity to take part in new events organized by KERIC, Europe and Me. In these evening debates, you had the opportunity to learn more about how the European Union or the European Parliament works. Play a role-playing game about why you should be elected to the European Parliament. And most importantly, we have discussed the values and positions of the European Union and the associated states. Why is it good to be or not to be in the EU and what are the advantages or disadvantages of this? I hope that we will continue this year and that you will get involved.

Another way to meet volunteers is at the annual International Christmas. Feel free to come and see this year how different cultures celebrate Christmas.

Volunteers also like to organize Cinema Nights, where you can watch movies from around the world. You can invite volunteers on a trip. Show them our country.

You can go play sports with them or just come see them as they should.

Their daily task will be mainly to teach languages, so do not hesitate and enroll in a German, English or Portuguese course. You will experience a lot of fun, meet super people and learn the language.







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