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As part of the project Foreigners about Strangers, we organized 5 workshops, 27.1.2020 - 11 participants, 29.1.2020 - 16 participants, 5.2.2020 - 12 participants, 11.2.2020 - 26 participants, 18.2.2020 - 28 participants, each for young people aged 14 - 16 years. The topic of the workshops was racism, xenophobia and human rights.

The workshop lasted 4 hours. The whole class was attended by workshops (it was important not to make a choice) from local primary and secondary schools. The workshops were led by international volunteers from KERIC - namely Jorge Mancero from Ecuador, Paul Linzbauer from Austria, Anya Rands-Trevor from England, Suna Uzun from Turkey, Mai Le from Vietnam and Thibault Lefevre from France. All volunteers first attended the workshop as participants, then completed a non-formal learning methodology training, which helped them to be better informed about the topic and to create activities and atmosphere in the group.

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(Workshops in KERIC 2)

After these workshops, participants had the opportunity to sign up for weekend education, which lasted from Friday to Sunday. The first weekend took place on 29.2-1.3.2020 in Ski apartments in Makov. The facilitators of the program were Paul Linzbauer from Austria, Suna Uzun from Turkey and Lenka Petríková from Slovakia. Ideas for the activities were partly drawn from a hanbook on anti-racism, which KERIC helped to create during the ERA E project supported by ERASMUS +. All activities were designed of an informal nature to work in a group, to open up the topic of xenophobia, racism, stereotypes but also respect, the importance of critical thinking and empathy for others.

We tried not to "push on the saw", but rather to leave room for the participants to express themselves and express their opinions. Simulation activities became very effective, where students had the opportunity to empathize with someone else's situation and reflect. An interesting detail of the weekend was the parliamentary elections, which took place on Saturday, and we included them in the discussion on critical thinking. We did not follow the choice of specific parties, but rather focused on the topics that the parties dealt with during the election campaign and we tried to verify the authenticity of the information they disseminated. The weekend and the facilitators evaluated the weekend positively and it was mentioned many times - the creation of a safe environment and unexpected topics and activities that they did not know before. During the final discussion, each participant chose an activity that he experienced and will present to his surroundings.

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(Weekend in Makov)

The second weekend was to take place first in March, then in June, but had to be moved due to Covid 19 to 5-7.8.2020. A "weekend" was attended by a mix of older and new participants. The event took place in the pension Gájuz in Oščadnica. Since we had a lot of new participants and for many of them it was the first opportunity to be with friends and experience something positive since the beginning of the pandemic, we had to fine-tune the program and focus not only on anti-racism, respect and inclusion but also add activities to improve communication or creation. team. The event was facilitated by Thibault Lefevre from France, Jorge Mancero from Ecuador, Paul Linzbauer from Austria and Lenka Petríková from Slovakia. The aim of the event was to create a pleasant and safe atmosphere in which participants will not be afraid to express their views, acquaintance with a topic that most of them have never addressed, simulation activities that will help them better imagine the reality of others and motivate them to become more interested. and the world around them and tried to be an active part of it.

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(Weekend in Oščadnica 1)

The activities we used were a combination of the methods we created and the methods we experienced. The most proud were the fascinators for the activity called "Get in", which they created themselves, and it was a simulation activity for immigration. The children evaluated the event very positively, many of them said that it was the first opportunity in their lives to think about the topic of anti-racism and inclusion, for others team building activities were more important. All participants want to be informed about future educational events. The leaders evaluated the event as a great end to the projects, the activities fulfilled the goals and formed an excellent group with the participants. They loved how the children reacted to the activities and discussed, but the most important thing was to witness how they behaved among themselves and to those around them. Here we evaluated that we were very happy and grateful to see how they behave nicely and politely and that good people grow with them. This was the most important impression for us as leaders from the whole project.

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(Weekend in Oščadnica 2)

We will certainly continue with similar actions. We had a positive response from the participants, their parents, the owners of the accommodation, where we stayed and their employees who wanted to know what we were doing and what topics we were discussing, teachers who wanted to send us more of their students. It is not only an opportunity for them to speak English but to learn something new and meet interesting people, friends of participants who have heard about the activities and would also like to participate, and finally our international volunteers who had the opportunity to get to know the local community better and become it. part and be a perfect example of anti-racism, respect and inclusion.

Project title: Foreigners about strangers

Contact person: Miriam Petríková

Amount of financial support: 1750 €

Name and contact of the person responsible for the final report: Miriam Petríková, +421908913995, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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