IO4 ePassport topThe overall aim of this guide is to facilitate and improve the quality of physical, hybrid and virtual mobility. It is aimed in particular at VET professionals working in sending and host organizations who wish to implement a monitoring system in their day-to-day practice. It is designed as a tool that can support the organization of face-to-face, hybrid or virtual activities.

This electronic follow-up guide has been designed to encompass all the benefits of regular follow-up, with an emphasis on in-person or virtual mobilities. It defines respectively the roles and responsibilities of coordinators and mentors during international mobility, and provides methods and tools for organizing hybrid or virtual meetings on arrival with VET participants. The guide will focus on mistakes to avoid and points to remember during preparation, regular check-ups and final evaluation. It will also address potential challenges, risks and misunderstandings, and provide a series of steps to take to prevent conflict situations.

The electronic monitoring guide has been designed in close conjunction with the eNotebookshade button developed for VET participants. Both can be used simultaneously to enable the implementation of high-impact face-to-face, hybrid or virtual mobility opportunities.

Contents of the brochure

  • Mentor and coordinator
  • The coordinator
  • The mentor
  • Training on arrival
  • Follow-up interviews
  • Final assessment
  • How to maintain regular, effective communication
  • Communicating formally
  • Keeping in touch informally
  • Digital tools for tracking participants online
  • Potential challenges and conflict situations
  • In everyday life
  • During activities
  • Hybrid and virtual activities
  • Conflict management
  • Why do conflicts arise?
  • Types of potential problems
  • How to prevent conflicts

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Download (🇬🇷)shade button - Greek version

This electronic monitoring guide is part of the ERASMUS+ KA2 strategic partnership project entitled "ePassport" in the field of vocational training and education (VET).

You can find everything about the project on our website: ePassport KA2shade button

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