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Our volunteer from Spain, Cris, shared with you her experiences and emotions from our youth exchange this year, which she and our volunteer from Germany, Ali, organized together.

Two weeks ago, during June 20-26, we organized a youth exchange in KERIC called Interconnecting our well-being. We spent a week in a beautiful cottage in Ladonhora with people from Turkey, Portugal, Italy, and Slovakia.

It was an amazing time spent together talking, learning, and thinking about what wellness is and how we behave, and how we can improve it. Not only did we learn more about it, but we also shared our different cultures, had a really good time and met new friends!

Throughout the week we had many different activities: dancing, Olympic games, henna tattooing, crocheting, or painting bags... And every day was full of fun and active games and activities like Bang Bang, Jump in Jump Out, or dance chair energizers.

If it has to be summed up in a few words, it would be CHALLENGING, AWESOME, and WORTH. An experience we 100% recommend!

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