👏The next pre-departure volunteer training is successfully behind us. We sent four young people to the projects of European Solidarity and Erasmus+.

2021 lucka smallWe are sending Lucka to Spain to help with the extracurricular activities of a local youth organization in Bilbao.

2021 dominika small
Dominika, who is heading to Georgia, will focus, among other things, on young people in the IDP settlements, where Georgian and Ossetian refugees from the Georgian-Russian war of summer 2008 live.

2021 simon small
The project linked to the human rights and the rights of the underprivileged goes execute to Brazil Simon.

2021 hanka small
Hanka's project in Dublin, Ireland is focused on working with the homeless.

We are very happy to say that there is an active interest in 🙋‍♂️volunteering.

Hey to volunteering! 🤙

Šimon 💚

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