mirka foto webThis is how the project at Vaivaru Pamatskola Primary School in Latvia may look like.

Mirka Dibalová has been there for ten months. This school is inclusive, which means that "normally" children attend it but also children with disabilities or some form of behavioral or mental disorder. For Mirka, according to her, all the children were "normal" to her and she treated them the same, with love and understanding, and she understood those who had some "diagnosis" the most. You can also see some of them in the photos. :)

She mostly helped at English lessons through teaching. In the afternoon they had after school, where they played various board games with the children, did homework and fooled around: D chases, etc. .. and when the weather was good, they played football, basketball or went to the beach. Since her main job was spending time with children, she looked for photos where she was taken with them.

She would definitely like to tell other volunteers to really dedicate their time to the children. Mirka wrote to us that she often bothered unnecessarily about not being able to invent some of her own unique fun activities and that she was also sometimes limited by the language barrier, but according to her words: "Relax and let it run freely, enjoy the moment." :) It has always been most valuable for children that you pay all your attention to them, and that filled her the most when they shared a common joy.

mirka dibalova post lotyssko web

Written by Simon Marecek

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