The date agreed on was 18 March 2009, depending on the time when we finished the daily tasks in KERIC, we divided into two teams - one starting at 6 p.m. partly going by car, partly on foot, the second team starting half an hour later, on foot, expecting to be in the cottage no later than in about an hour. Big mistake. Nobody would ever dream of snow still being left over in the mountains in March! The first team had a hard time making their way in the deep snow to the cottage, then clearing the snow from in front of the door of the cottage to be able to get in, making fire outside for cooking as well as in the fireplace inside for heat and walking 500 m in deep snow to fetch water... The second team, under Rodolfo's leadership, also had a hard time. They were freaking out in panic, nobody trusted Rodolfo to bring them safe and sound to the cottage through the darkness and snow in the middle of the mountains. However, they he did! At 10 p.m. they got to the warm cottage smelling of almost-ready gulas, all of them frozen, but happy to be there. The rest of the evening was spent in a tight circle around the fireplace, laughing at this memorable extreme experience.

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