Online Teaching with a high standard

The COVID-19 pandemic is still limiting the life of every individual on the planet. In Slovakia though, the worst part seems to be over, as the shops, the restaurant and even the bars are reopening. The regulations are seemingly getting looser and looser. Unfortunately, actual teaching from face to face  during that time still is a risk for our students and our teachers. But we still want to continue with our education program. During the last couple of weeks we had lots of fun teaching English, German, French and Spanish. The online teaching program is still ongoing (at the moment of writing) so feel joining us! :)

As the online teaching style differs from the one from teaching face to face all our teachers participated in a Methodology Training led by Lenka Petríková to learn the know-how.


We also decided to produce some online content.

One of our livestream is our (almost) weekly music livestream which is led by Anya and Thibault. Your song request are muchly appreciated. You can request a song by sending us a message via Facebook or Instagram OR in the Live-Chat during the livestream. Follow our Newsfeed on Facebook or our Story on Instagram to stay up-to-date.

We also continued our Euroweek series, which were only available for the schools we are cooperating with. Now, during quarantine days, we released couple of videos which will give you a deeper understanding of different countries. This videos are also connected with some questions. If you are able to answer these questions you might get a gift from us. ;)

Both livestreams can be found here.


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