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The aim of the ePassport project is to strengthen the capacities of organizations working in the field of Vocational Educationand Training(VET) and to improve the techniques and methods of preparation and follow-up of beneficiaries participating in a hybrid and virtual mobility project.

This guide focuses on the preparatory phase of the mobility. It will be a user-friendly and adaptable tool for professionals in the vocational education and training field (VET), increasing access and knowledge to existing tools for online training.

The guide will gather the relevant methods and tools and will also provide the organizations with good practices on how to carry out online preparatory training for participants.

The main objectives of this guide are as follows:

  • To facilitate access to the training
  • To facilitate the work of VET professionals
  • To increase knowledge of pre-departure training
  • To increase digital skills
  • To improve face-to-face training
  • To gather all the tools that can be used in pre-departure training
  • To gain effectiveness and efficiency in the preparation of the participants before the undertaking of a virtual or hybrid mobility period
  • To adapt their online pedagogy and skills through existing digital tools
  • To select new interactive online methods.
  • To organize an online interactive training

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All about the project and the remaining three deliverables("Participants ePassport", "Hybrid and Virtual Mobility Electronic Notebook" and "eFollow-up") can be found here: ePassport-project KA2shade button

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