Články o dobrovoľníctve

Hello. My name is Dario from Uurguay and I am 20 years old. I arrived here last Saturday and since that moment everything goes fantastic and everybody seems to be very kind, nice and friendly. I think that I am really lucky to be in this place becouse I enjoy so much knowing new people from differents countries. Besides, is my opinion that all this kind of experiences let the peolpe grow up ideed. I wish everyone could have such a great opportunity like this oneSample Image

My name is Ulrike Wucher and I come from Austria (Vorarlberg). I’m 19 years old and I have got two sisters and one brother. The family is very important for me and also the whole affinity. We have a very good relationship.
I really like to go skiing, meet friends, read books, go out and do some funny things. I like to laugh and have fun. I smile a lot and I have a positive attitude!
Two negative attributes about me are: I’m stolid and impatient. I really like to visit new countries, meet new people and also get to know new cultures. Now I’m enjoying the time in Slovakia and have fun.

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Hello, I'm Cédric ! I come from Lyon, France. I stay 10 months here, from 1st septembre to 30 june, like EVS volunteer. I choice KERIC because I would like become teacher, maybe. But I have again lot of time for choice, I'm only 18. I like travel, discover new cultur, playing Water polo, swimming,... I try to learn slovak language and I try to have a better english.
Salut, je m'appelle donc Cédric et je viens de Lyon en France. Je suis ici à Cadca pour 10 mois, du 1 septembre au 30 juin en tant que Volontaire Européen (SVE). J'ai choisi KERIC parce que j'aimerai peut être devenir enseignant, mais j'ai encore du temps pour me décider, je n'ai que 18 ans. J'aime voyager, découvrir, jouer au Water polo, nager,... J'essaie d'apprendre le slovaque et aussi d'améliorer mon anglais

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hello, i`m gerard I`come from to barcelona (spain), i'm have 26 years old,I'm will stay in cadca 1 year, i toke only 1 month and this is may dream, just all thinks that I was search before did this journay ,because i was need change something of my life and now i can say that is the most success choise in my life , and i recommend this experience everybody because in here i found people in the same situation than me and this theme help me every day to grow up as person and work with amazing person and th most important learn of the other culture as is slovakian culture. this my true history tanks to read me history.Sample Image