"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller




Suna and Thibault:

Suna and Thibault are going to Stružielka on a regular basis. Every Tuesday they are working for Stružielka, which is a NGO, to educate children with disabilities. Both improve their language skills with trying to communicate with others from that organisation. Besides they support so many people which is great.


He cooperates three times per week with the football club. Working in that club includes to train two times per week and one match per week.


Anya goes once a week to athletic club where she helps to coach the young children there. It helps her with her Slovak too!


Sebastian is cooperating with the local chess club every Friday. Working for that club means for him to play chess and train chess every Friday. Occasionally he is also coaching in that club. About every second weekend he is playing for that club in the 3rd- and the 5th Slovak league.

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