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Hello, Am called Dr Ssengendo Brian Uganda. Am 27 years old, currently am volunteering with Keric in Slocakia for 10 months. To volunteer with Keric has opened my mind and our organization National Youth Empowerment Network, and our school Good Hope Nursery and primary school to the endless possibilities of the international communit. I look froward to learning new experiences and friends all over the world.


Hiii Everyone!! I am Marieke

and I come from the Nederlands. I am 19 years old and I just finished Highschool. I really like being in Slowakia! The nature is so beatifull and the people are so nice. This year in Slovakia looks for me the perfect experience and I am looking forward to (: I love to work with children and to learn a new culture. I think this is going to be an amezing year. The only problem is the slovak language, but I have one year for that so I think I will manage it (:

Hello everyone, My name is Huyen. I’m 22 years old. I’m from Hanoi, Vietnam. I have worked at Center for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS). When I was a student, I was also the head of Human Resources of Sustainable Development Club (SDC). Over last three years, I has experienced in running social projects that helped improve the lives of less fortunate children and adults in Vietnam.

Immagine manon-uvodnaAhoj! My name is Manon, i’m French, and i’m volunteer to come in Slovakia in Čadca to teach english and french to children. I choose this project because i like KERIC’s methodology, to teach, like not formal couses but have fun and make some games, to make children study with fun and pleasure.

I also want to improve my English and learn slovak by the way.

maria damico

Ahoj! Ja sa volám Maria, som z Talianska zo Sirakúz... I'm 27 years old and I am a new volunteer in Keric. I'm going to stay in Cadca for 11 months to teach English and Italian language. I choose this project because I'm interest in teaching and also because it is a great opportunity to meet new people from all over the world, know other cultures, improve my English and maybe try to learn Slovak language :)
I'm sure that this will be an amazing experience.
Ciao :)

10706331 930596326954502 302698481 nVolám sa Veronika, mám 19 rocov a ja som z rakuska. For the next 11 months, I will be staying in Čadca for giving english und german courses in Keric. Apart from this, I will cooperate with two other schools and I hope to get the chance to work in a social centre for people with disabilities as well. The time here in slovakia has been great so far, I really like the organisation and all these nice and enthusiastic people around it. I am convinced that this is going to be an amazing and enriching time for me ;)

1094633 10202098183439275 1701913288 oBonjour ! Hello ! Ahoj !

Volam sa Juliette a ja som z francuzska. I’m 21 years old and I'm going to stay 11 months in Cadca.

During my free time, I love travelling, playing volleyball, listening music, reading books or meet new people.

mayronfotoOlá, Hello, Ahoj

My name is Mayron,18, and I am from Brazil...
I am a volunteer in Keric and I stay here for 11 months
I take this opportunity because have a good project and can give me a big experience!


My name is Gerben Oldenhave, i am 23 years old, and i come from the Netherlands. For the year to come i will be living and working in Cadca. I'm each week going to give two English classes at Keric, and another one in an public school in Cadca. I have enjoyed my time in Slovakia so far very much. The people are friendly and kind, the nature is beautifull; the perfect country to explore!