Immagine manon-uvodnaAhoj! My name is Manon, i’m French, and i’m volunteer to come in Slovakia in Čadca to teach english and french to children. I choose this project because i like KERIC’s methodology, to teach, like not formal couses but have fun and make some games, to make children study with fun and pleasure.

I also want to improve my English and learn slovak by the way.

martina - copiefotoAhoj! Ja som Martinka, som z Uruguaja.

I´m decided to came to Slovakia, beacuse it is a family tradition, and I want to see if all that stories  I heard from here are true or not, and to recolet many other stories to tell :) !

10706331 930596326954502 302698481 nVolám sa Veronika, mám 19 rocov a ja som z rakuska. For the next 11 months, I will be staying in Čadca for giving english und german courses in Keric. Apart from this, I will cooperate with two other schools and I hope to get the chance to work in a social centre for people with disabilities as well. The time here in slovakia has been great so far, I really like the organisation and all these nice and enthusiastic people around it. I am convinced that this is going to be an amazing and enriching time for me ;)

733833 10200357252806302 1313005941 nAhoj! Ja sa volám Lorenzo, som z Talianska... I am 30 years old and I am a volunteer in Keric.. I stay in Cadca for 11 month to help children to learn Italian language and work together with English teachers.

I decided to come to Slovakia because I want to make known my culture and my country and now I can say that there are kind people and good food :) It´s also a good opportunity to meet people from all over the world, to learn Slovak language and to try to improve my English.

1094633 10202098183439275 1701913288 oBonjour ! Hello ! Ahoj !

Volam sa Juliette a ja som z francuzska. I’m 21 years old and I'm going to stay 11 months in Cadca.

During my free time, I love travelling, playing volleyball, listening music, reading books or meet new people.

mayronfotoOlá, Hello, Ahoj

My name is Mayron,18, and I am from Brazil...
I am a volunteer in Keric and I stay here for 11 months
I take this opportunity because have a good project and can give me a big experience!


My name is Gerben Oldenhave, i am 23 years old, and i come from the Netherlands. For the year to come i will be living and working in Cadca. I'm each week going to give two English classes at Keric, and another one in an public school in Cadca. I have enjoyed my time in Slovakia so far very much. The people are friendly and kind, the nature is beautifull; the perfect country to explore! 

richardfotoAhoj! Ja sa volám Richard! (Riško) som z Kostariky. Velmi mám rád Slovensko.

Pracujem v KERICu ako dobrovoľník a budem v KERICu 11 mesiacov.

I love Slovakia! Pura Vida! Viva Costa Rica, Viva Slovensko!