wara quedezaAhoj, ja sa volam Wara, ja som z Bolivia a ja mam 23 rokov. My EVS project is for 8 months, i am here already 6, my time is running so fast! This time was more than amazing, I met great people with who i learned so many things.

I didn´t expect something like what i am living now, i like my activities here with kids and teenagers, is great for me know another people, culture and mentality, that makes me open my mind, explore and enjoy our differences.

I have never could imagine that i could know so many places, every day is a good experience, i learned about myself, about life, about real friendships, i made me stronger and i wish with my hearth be here more time. I love this people, i love Slovakia, i love this project and when i will come back to my country i will never be the same person than before. 

I don´t have words to describe this beatiful and perfect part of my life!! Don´t be afraid to do your EVS!!!