Youth in Action

The project EuroAsian Empowerment is running from October 2013 to September 2014. The partners in this project are four European organizations: KERIC (Slovakia), LINK (Italy), ADICE (France) and Brontosaurus (Czech Republic) and four Asian organizations: DEJAVATO (Indonesia), VSA (Thailand), CSDS (Vietnam) and KYSD (Cambodia).

Within the project Youth in Action in sub-action Youth Initiative we were first time approved project in which we will cooperate with Polish organization from city Torun.


On the 1st May 2012 we approved two projects of European Voluntary Service. In one we sent two girls Janka Magátová and Simon NOVÁKOVÁ for 1 month to Portugal. Their project has been successfully completed.


Thanks to the approval of the project STEPS TOWARDS CHANGE - NEXT STEP under the Youth in Action sub-Action 3.2 of the Youth in the world, we will be able to visit our partner organizations in Costa Rica, Uganda, Poland, Vietnam and Turkey.