An EVS project is a partnership between two or more organizing organizations. These organizers are responsible for recruiting volunteers for their projects.

Volunteers participate in EVS through the sending organization in the country where they live and the host organization that receives and hosts them during their service.

The projects last 2 to 12 months and as a volunteer, you can work in many areas, such as culture, youth, sports, children, cultural heritage, art, animal welfare, environment, and development cooperation. At the end of the EVS period, you will receive a confirmation of your participation with a description of your project - Youthpass.

They will provide you with accommodation, food, insurance, and pocket money free of charge. The only thing you may have to pay for is a small portion of your travel expenses.

How can you log in?

If you are 17 to 30 years old, you have two options:

1. contact the organization that recruits volunteers for the designated project, or

2. contact the organization to discuss the start of the project.

To contact the organization, see the database of accredited organizations.


See the program guide for a list of eligible countries.

[source: https://europa.eu/]

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