Hostitelske rodiny mentori insta web

All you need to know is a little English and you can be a mentor and the host family can be yours or your neighbor's. Let's go after the meeting and talk a little bit about these two activities.

KERIC, as one of the few organizations, provides volunteers with a host family for its volunteer service. It's very simple, the first moments for a volunteer are not with us with the people of KERIC, but with the host family. She waits for him at the station and accommodates him at home for a week. She should accept him as her own and show him a bit about how Slovaks live. You don't even have to know English very well. Nowadays, all smartphones have translators and Dad has a translator for you, a younger member of the family.

A mentor can be anyone who knows a little English. It should be like that, a friend in the country. When he goes outside, he calls a volunteer with him from time to time. He will show him the city, its surroundings, maybe he will take it for fun. He will advise and help when needed. It's great to be a mentor, you learn a lot about the customs and country of the volunteer, but especially you make an incredibly strong friendship that lasts.
Have you been in one or both of these activities?

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