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We celebrated The International Christmas for 8th time in Čadca. All visitors learnt more about Christmas in Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Macedonia and Brazil. Room „multi-kulti“ was a new approach to intercultural learning that provided an opportunity for visitors to learn new cultures.

Latvia is really an unknown country for Slovak people. We got know more on 7th of April during The Latvian evening prepared by Signe.

The day of St. Patrick is on 17th of March. Hence Lucille chose this day to presentate the Great Britain. Everybody was welcomed in something green.

Lucille was talking about stereotyps known about the English people.

The first year of WAKE UP video clip was successful and it took place on the Saturday morning, 5th of March in Čadca and it was characterized by camera, clapperboard and DANCE. It brought together various dance schools from Čadca, foreign volunteers of program Youth in Action, who are in Slovakia, and a lot of other passers-by. Everybody woke up to a sunny morning to make vidoe clip WAKE UP!!! 

We were very surprised on 4th of March when around 50 people came to Keric on the French evening, which was prepared by Joffrey from Lyon. We didn´t have any idea that so many people can come into KERIC Underground. Everybody tasted the great French cuisine and they got to know a lot of information about this well-known and popular country. The international evenings continued with The British evening taking place on the 17th of March, which was St Patrick´s Day.

We finished searching for mentors for our foreign volunteers at Husarik´s cottage in mid-February. During the weekend Lenka and Vladka initiated the young who were interested in the program Youth in Action and apart from that they were talking with foreign volunteers and had a really good time. The next plan of this action group was to organize the meeting of people from other countries, who live and work in Čadca. The meeting was planned on 18th of March at the Cultural house in Čadca.

On 4th of February in KERIC Underground a lot of people came for Austrian Evening that was organized by Regina and Eva. During the evening the invitees were treated to taste of Austrian typical meals such as the apple pie, chocolate cake, baguette with meat loaf. Apart from this, they were also furnished with some new information about Austria. They also played games that was followed by unplanned concert, where Raul played the guitar, Nilmar beat drums, Joffrey played the accordion and others on the rattles and knees... The atmosphere was so good and involving that we stayed there until late evening.

On the 21st of January, the biggest community of Brazilian people in Slovakia and Czech Republic that mainly consisted of volunteers that were hosted in Keric Underground upon the invitation of Nilmar for the Brazilian evening. We tasted the Brazilian sweets, which are sweeter than ours. Of course, there couldn´t miss the cheesy bread - paodequeijo.

KERIC team is going to prepare on 28th of May at 18:00 The day of neighbours for Kyčerka´s housing estate. This day has a long-time tradition in France, England and also in another countries in the Europe. The point is to meet your neighbours in front of your entrance and be together. Everyone bring something to eat and they spend nice evening. Our plan is to make a programme in front of the church in Kyčerka.