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IMG-20190415-WA0014Keric volunteers Ayse, Sabri, César, Mirka and Salla were visiting Spojená škola sv. Josefa, a school for children with special needs in Turzovka on Monday 15.4.2019.

2Our Turkish volunteer Ayse presented to students at Gymnazium in Čadca about her country, culture, traditions, and customs. She explained some things about her religion Islam and showed interesting places to visit in Turkey. Students were curious about why she has chosen Slovakia, how is her Slovak language going and which is her favorite Slovak food.

20190216 085700Our volunteers had an idea for their English lesson students and invited them to make a forest!

48375743 10161347605070512 2470021565782163456 nCelebrating International Christmas became a tradition in Keric and volunteers had an opportunity to try our traditional dinner and customs. Cabbage soup, potato salad, and fried fish were not missing and volunteers really enjoyed it.  

Karaoke02Ready, steady, SING! It was time for Keric got talent! We had an amazing karaoke night at Le Petit Cafe singing, eating snacks and having lots of laugh. Our volunteers and some local youngsters showed their best singing some evergreen songs and also new hits.

Euroweek1Euroweek took our international volunteers to the schools around Čadca. The volunteers were presentating their home countries to the students and telling about volunteering. The volunteers really enjoyed to talk with the students.

Workshop1In Keric we organize workshops for students from the age of 14 until 16, who are in their final class on the elementary school or on the first class of the secondary school. The main aim of the workshops is to open the young minds to see the world from the other perspective and also to courage them to think out of the box.

Halloween1sWe celebrated halloween in Keric 26.10.2018 at the LePetit Cafe. Volunteers organized some games and activities and of course something to eat as well. Lots of laugh and a good feeling! Thanks for the visitors who was celebrating halloween with us!

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It is official! On 22.06.2018 we celebrated our 15th birthday in Čadca. Activities, pinata, workshops, various competitions were not missing and of course we also danced. We want to thank everyone who in any way helped with preparations but also the ones who help us regularly. Together we create one big Keric family.