KERIC activities

thumbIn the following article you gonna learn more about what is happening in KERIC during the quarantine days.

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During the last couple of quarantine days, the Taskmaster arose. She saw that there is nothing really to do outside now, so she decided to challenge you in exchange of a gift if you are the best!


We started to cooperate with schools again !!!

thumbWe proudly share our volunteers voluntary cooperation outside of KERIC with sport clubs and other organisations.

unnamed As you might have known, everybody celebrates Christmas a different way. In order to show that all of the versions are equally beautiful we also organised this year our "International Christmas".


flag of myanmar myanmar visa computer icons myanmar png clip art thumbnailOn novembre 25th (2019), we finally organised the first international evening of this year: the Myanmarese Evening. 

1455689On december 2nd (2019) we organised the "Indian Evening" with our volunteer Samriddhi Dhiman.




On february 3rd (2020) Thibault and Aude gave us an insight into the french culture and cuisine.


On November 18th (2019), January 20th (2020) and March 2nd (2020) "Europe And Me" took place in KERIC.