Both, the famous Leonardo da Vinci and also this project of the European Union got their names for the acquisition of professional work experience in another country .

KERIC supports this type of project - sending persons for a three-month intership in the fields of stylist and sport instructor to England - for the first time. The project will take place in the city of Lancaster in a high school, which is devoted to train in these professions. So young people will be able to acquire new experience in the field.

The second option is located Portugal. There are possibilities to do a work placement in the tourism sectors and to work in various positions of the hotel. These work placements are financially secure from the project and will start in February 2014. If you are interested, come to the informational meeting on 25th of October at 10 a.m. in Kericho . If you are not looking for such a professional focus, but you would still like to go abroad and try something new like learn a new language or get to know a new country, we can also give you some information about that.

For more than ten years we are already broadcasting volunteers from around the world with the support of the Youth in Action. At the moment, volunteers, which we sent abroad are in Russia, Costa Rica , Portugal, Brazil, France and Italy. To know more and go up to a year abroad in China, Vietnam, Nepal, Uganda, Brazil, Uruguay, Costa Rica or anywhere in Europe, come to an informational meeting for the European Voluntary Service on the 4th of October at 10:00 in KERIC.