Why Slovakia? What interested you in this country?

I did not choose Slovakia...Slovakia chose me and I accepted! My sending organization was looking for a project with me, and one day I received a mail from Keric, I took a look at what does it do, and how is Slovakia. I immediately accepted, and I have no regrets about it. I was mainly interested in food. Now I am interested in the landscape as well!

Did you know anything about Slovakia before you came here?

Unfortunately, I only knew very little information about Slovakia, only one or two things about the Velvet Revolution and Vaclav Havel. History programs in France do not focus that much on central/eastern Europe.

What is the most beautiful place you have visited so far and what else you want to see?

So far, I really loved Terchova, but Trenčianske Teplice is absolutely lovely as well. I would like to visit Bratislava

How is your Slovak language going? Are there some difficult words you have no idea how to pronounce?

Nie hovorim po slovensky (I think it resumes my Slovak practice quite well). For me, the biggest difficulty is that I cannot found any word that is similar or close to French to help me understand/practice. Too many consonants also in my opinion.

Can you tell a little bit about your culture? 

Well, I am Tunisian first, and I have been raised by a Tunisian father and Moroccan mother. We are not that close to French culture, but I do not think that there is huge differences between Slovak and French culture.

Was there any cultural shock for you? 

The biggest cultural shock comes with the language barrier. I somehow was not ready for that. 

Would you recommend volunteering to young people in Slovakia?  

I would recommend Slovakia, especially if you have some knowledge in Slavic language. The country is heart-warming and full of interesting food. 

What would be your message to young people who maybe do not know what to do next? 

It is normal to feel lost, but do not give up and look for opportunities. Sometimes you just have to launch yourself in a completely new project, who knows? Maybe you will love it. 

What volunteering gave to you? Do you think it changed you? Or that you developed professionally and personally? 

Life is a never-ending quest to find yourself, you will improve your skills, meet new people, experience exciting things. EVS is a great way to have all of that, the travelling part is a bonus.

For me, EVS is an opportunity to improve myself, both on the professional and personal side.




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