From 18th September to 14th October three organizations in Kysuce first time hosted volunteers - seniors from Italy. Mrs. Mária was voluntarily helping at Primary school Komenského in Čadca. Every day she came to school after large break and helped teachers in the first grade with art or music education and she also talked about Italy.

During the lunch she moved to the school club, where she played with the children, went for lunch with them, taught them the basics of Italian and on the other hand children taught her Slovak.

Second Italian volunteer - Mr. Tiberio helped in Senior´s house PARK. Everyone was full of expectations and there were a lot of preparations for this hosting. They tried to plan activities for their clients so Tiberio, during his stay, could learn the most about Slovak culture and clients from senior´s house could learn the most about Italy. So Tiberio helped during walking to the nature, looking for mushrooms, excursions to Stará Bystrica. They learned how to dance Slovak dances, cooked Italian food, organized creative workshops, e.g. work with sand. Important was that Tiberio had very strong social feeling and although there was language barrier, it was possible to pass over it by gestures, smiles and other common experiences.

Last project took place in Centre of social help Fantázia in Kysucké Nové Mesto. Mrs. Fiorenza, who was working in administrative behind the computer whole life, decided to try something totally different and new at the beginning of her retirement. She helped children and young people with mental disabilities during their every day life, during creative activities, walks and the trip to Rajecká Lesná.

Furthermore we prepared for our senior volunteers trips within the region, open-air museum Vychylovka, Sudopark Klokočov, cooking of goulash in Bukov, cooking of halušky, visit of castle Strečno, trip to Poľský Tešín. During this month we tried to support not only senior volunteering, but also cooperate with various organizations in Kysuce region. Volunteers evaluated whole project very positively, mainly thanks to people in hosting organizations, their accommodating and professionality.


Next stage of this project will be to send other Slovak seniors (50 +) in April 2014 to Trento in Italy for one month. We can´t forget to say that this activity can be realized thanks to the support of project GRUNDTVIG.