From 18th September to 14th October three organizations in Kysuce first time hosted volunteers - seniors from Italy. Mrs. Mária was voluntarily helping at Primary school Komenského in Čadca. Every day she came to school after large break and helped teachers in the first grade with art or music education and she also talked about Italy.

Our "old" partner from previous projects, the non-profit organization Global Footsteps from England, is our "new" partner within the project "Learning through volunteering". The project is realised thanks to the Grundvig - Learning partnerships programme. Apart from Global Footsteps, we will also cooperate with partners from Germany, England, Poland and Slovakia. The project will last for 2 years. 


We have a new project - ED.HO.C.-EDucational HOliday Centre - approved under the Grundtvig - Learning partnerships programme. It runs from the 1st of September 2012 until the 30th of July 2014 and aims at exchange of experience in organising summer camps for children among the partner organisations of the project.