Codet4During CODET II (Community Development through English Teaching), Keric will cooperate with partners from Bolivia, Equador, Myanmar, India, Indonesia, Portugal and the Czech Republic. Keric will send volunteers to Latin America and Asia and will also host volunteers from these countries. CODET II is a 2-year project funded by Erasmus+. It started in 2018. It follows the CODET I-project.


The main aim of the CODET-project is to connect EU-countries to other continents and countries by teaching English in local communities. During the CODET I the coordinators created ELT - Methodical material for teaching English for non-professionals.

Keric hosted a big Kick-off-meeting from 19.11. until 23.11.2018. We hosted coordinators from each partner countries. The Kick-off-meeting was organized to plan the next years of the CODET II project. During August-September 2019 Keric will send volunteers to other countries for 6 months and host international volunteers from 3 to 12 months.



Our two CODET-volunteers welcomed the coordinators to the Kick-off meeting.



Working hard.



But also having fun with Keric-volunteerduring the "Continental evening".