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Date, place, price

English horse camp

We say that English is as needed as driving licence today.  You have to wait for driving licence till you are 18 years old but you can speak English well now. Don´t be afraid, except of English we will do a lot of different activities such as disco, night games, sport with English leaders and of course everyday riding horse.

Place: Ski apartmány Makov
Date: 5.7. - 11.7.

Price: 154 €



International horse camp

Adventure, friends, horses, leaders from different countries and moreover also children from different countries. We will all together ride horses, discover unknown places in Makov, we will compete, sport, dance and create.

Place: Ski apartmány Makov
12.7. - 18.7.

Cena: 154 €



Fairy tale horse camp

Horses, bicycles and other activities will not be missing. We will be accomodated in the hotel Ski apartmány Makov, Čierne. The topic of the camp will be fairy tales, together we will discover and we will change to fairies, princess, giants and elfs. Except of this we will ride bicycles which you will bring to the camp.

Place: Ski apartmány Makov
Date: 19.7. - 25.7.

Price: 154 €

In the track of Sherlock Holmes

Ranch at the end of the world is a unique place for mysteries and mainly for their solution. That´s why we will put ourselves to the role of detectives and every day according to the help and indications we will solve different mystery. This all will take place in beautiful place in nature.

Place: Ranč na konci sveta
Date: 5.7. - 11.7.
Price: 135 €

Fight for survival

Last year we first time discovered Ranch at the end of the world in Vychylovka and one amazing camp was really successful there. That´s why we come back again so we can be really far away from civilization, in the beautiful nature, in romantic cottages. We will go for tour in the surroundings where people do not go often, we will take care of animals, look for mushrooms, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, in the evening we will sometimes fall asleep under the stars.

Place: Ranč na konci sveta, Vychylovka

Date: 12.7. -18.7
19.7. - 25.7.

Price: 135 €

Sailing down the river Hron

After one year, older children can go again to sail down the river Hron. From Nemecká to Revištské Podhradie, 100 km of the route, 4 camps, 2 castles on the way, sleeping in tents, tipis or barrels, cooking on camping stoves, jumping of the rock Kráľová. This is adventurous camp for children older than 12.

Place: Hron

Date: 17.8. – 21.8.

Price: 85 €