37239754 10160749890010512 5941203010444066816 nThis year we again continued in a camp dedicated to older children from 12 years of age. In the camp we developed teamwork, experienced a hill of fun, swam.

37226686 10160740884005512 3494109354477486080 nEven this year, we traditionally spent a beautiful week in the horses camp. Together we discovered Makov, met new friends, competed, sported and danced.

10604564 1487430401499775 6905706916137006432 o copieThe last camp for children from our offer . Furthermore , it was surprisingly met a great group of children 12 to 14 years , we raft Hron from Nemecka to SLIAČ , we visited Kováčová and Banská Štiavnica.

20155608 10159112878075512 7883816695522710090 nIn the horse's camp children learnt how to ride a horse, but also how to take care of the horse. What's more, kids played a lot of games and other activities.

20945655 467917566916001 2116980520 oThis week we drove to Danube between Poland and Slovakia. Youngsters and volunteers have spent amazing time camping, sailing and hiking in beautiful nature and national parks. 

10348639 10154364638125512 6736443642406556459 oThis summer we started immediately after the end of the school year 29.06.2014 on the poppies , which held our first camp . Tips hosts two children. Half were children who wanted to improve in chess and we cooperate with Kysuce chess school , the other half were children who love horses and riding and dedicated to this beautiful sport . At the camp we had a total of 40 children and 8 leaders.

splav 2016

This year we sailed to Hrone. We could not be more perfect as most of our boaters did not navigate this river for the first or second time. The weather did not disappoint us, sometimes the sun was overwhelmed, the river was flashing and it was so great that we had agreed on the next year's Danube.


This year, for the first time, the camp was specially targeted for our older participants from 12 years old. We have chosen to adapt our activities precisely to this age category. We loved it this way and we enjoyed the camp. We hope that the teenagers enjoyed as we did and hope we will see you in the summer 2017!