uvod6Gerben, Twigg, Elly, Romana and Mirka and 18 children. It was the first Fight for Survival camp this year's. It was an exelent game that we drove children out of the camp, and they were supposed to find the way back to the camp. They all came. 

uvod5At the end of the world and in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes. That's where our camps started in the beautiful Devin valley. We did not hesitate to visit the open-air museum in Vychylovka and take a train ride.

10359022 10154411839310512 7462346660475085674 oTo SKI apartments which had no break from us , we left them only one night to relax and Sunday, 07.13 're here already opened our third camp , this time combining topics horses and a time machine.

Almost at the end of the summer camp was Around the World in Zákopčie the North Star . Children ( 14 boys and 2 girls ) were each day in a different country . Began in Europe , the next day were in Africa , where they did Volker guide from Kenya , from Africa we sailed on an ocean liner , between the sharks to America , precisely in the middle of Costa Rica , where we mainly sang with Andres . The world 's smallest continent we visited on Tuesday and Wednesday again coldest continent of the world (though really was hot 37 degrees hot day ) Friday in Asia , we produce chopsticks aa try to eat with them ( it's good for the diet ) and finally we return to our home in Europe. How it all happened you can see in the pictures:

8th to 14th July 2012

This camp was organized by Cadca city police and it brought together 45 children from ages seven (7) to fourteen (14) years drawn from different parts of Kysuce region.The camp had 5 leaders from different professions within Cadca.

12th-18th August 2012

This Camp was organized by Keric to provide exclusive experince for children to engage in horse riding, learn, have fun, experience new cultures and provide them with an opportunity to be independent. The camp involve the partcipation of 26 children across ages 7- 13 years.

ADVANCED HORSE-RIDING CAMP (30.6. - 4.7. 2010, Balkov Dvor, Banská Štiavnica)

You can expect camping on a ranch as far as 5 kilometres from the nearest civilisation, horse riding every day and trying out the way of life on a ranch.

If it hadn't been for Cotton-Eye Joe...... juhuuuu, sa ozývalo posledným prázdninovým konským táborom v country štýle. Medzinárodný tím s Happy Danim z Brazilie, Strongy Romim z Francúzska, Smaili Eli a Crazy Mary z rodného Slovenska uvítali deti elixírom dobrej nálady:)