This year the winter hasn´t started yet, but we are already planning summer and summer camps in KERIC. We are already looking forward to you.

Application form: it is enough to send application form by e-mail and you will be informed when we receive it - prihláška 

10443189 10154382452455512 5026246087024366137 oMakov ski apartments host us on Sunday 6th 7th and welcomed again, another camp . This was full of little girls 7-12 years and among them a boy . The theme of the camp are modern fairy tales , English , horses and bicycles .

10499560 10154423923345512 6611927140310901782 oAt the same time, another camp took place at the opposite end of the region in Farmhouse at the end of the world in Vychylovka. This camp had a subtext fight for survival - the camp at the end of the world.

uvod 4English and horses are an ideal combination. Children exercised both the head and the body. This time under the leaders of Mayron, Elly, Twigga, Isabella, Katka and Ivka.

uvod8This camp wasn't international only with the team leaders - Richard from Costa Rica, James and Hanna from England, Lenka and Kika from Slovakia, Vicki from China - but also with the children. 8 children from China came to experience our summer camp together with Slovak children.

uvod7The children of last year agreed to return to Hron again. The first day was full of rain, but it did not break us. We went according to the plan and managed. For the last two days, we were surprised and managed to sail down to New Bane and we made a crash record - 100 km.

uvod6Gerben, Twigg, Elly, Romana and Mirka and 18 children. It was the first Fight for Survival camp this year's. It was an exelent game that we drove children out of the camp, and they were supposed to find the way back to the camp. They all came. 

uvod5At the end of the world and in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes. That's where our camps started in the beautiful Devin valley. We did not hesitate to visit the open-air museum in Vychylovka and take a train ride.

10359022 10154411839310512 7462346660475085674 oTo SKI apartments which had no break from us , we left them only one night to relax and Sunday, 07.13 're here already opened our third camp , this time combining topics horses and a time machine.