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CODET II-project continued with a big training hosted by Keric. The training was called TEDSCD - Through English teaching towards a sustainable community development. We hosted 14 participants from 7 different countries: Indonesia, India, Myanmar, Ecuador, Bolivia, the Czech Repiblic, Portugal and Slovakia. The main aim of the training was to help our participants to host volunteers.

During the training participants learned how hosting, sendin and coordinating organizations work, rights and responsibilities of the volunteer and the organizations, how to support volunteers, who can be a mentor, how to use ELT-tool, how to create info packs for the volunteer etc. It wasn't only useful information but we also taught some useful games. Two of Keric volunteers were helping during the training as assistant trainers.


Cultural day at Mala Fatra


Participants from Bolivia presenting their organization in Keric TV.



On the shoes of a volunteer. The participants went to schools with Keric volunteers to see how the cooperation between schools and volunteers work.


Information meetings for EVS


Anybody, thinking of becoming an EVS volunteer needs to come to the information meeting to find out detailed info about EVS and our current projects all over the world.


KERIC on facebook

You can find details about our activities also on our facebook page.

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